15 Essential WordPress Security Tips

Security is one of the biggest concern of today’s world. When we give away our personal data on the internet we are so exposed to the internet world and with all these cyber hackers on the internet, we are always at a greater risk and especially when we are not being careful about it. The responsibility of security increases even more when you are a site owner and you have to protect your website from all the viruses too so that your customers can safely check your products and such kind of viruses can also leave a bad impact on the people too.

WordPress security tips

Being a site owner comes with a lot of responsibility for preventing your sites from the viruses and the hackers. If you own a WordPress site you should adopt all the prevention measures to avoid such kind of third parties. Following are some of the WordPress security tips that you need to follow to adopt a safe and secure website environment for your website users

Avoid using default usernames

Avoiding default usernames like “admin” etc. should not be used as it makes easier for a hacker to guess your password and username. It would be difficult for hackers to get into some unique username as they won’t be able to find you.

Strong password

Don’t use a password that could be hacked easily and that is predictable for a hacker and use a unique one so no one but you could guess it.

Customise login URL

To avoid the attention of hackers and for the sake of your WordPress security, you should change your login URL.

Two-factor authorization

Two-factor authorization is a great feature of WordPress by which a code is sent to your mobile phone when someone is trying to put different passwords to get into your website and then without that code they can’t login to your website.

Secure wp-admin directory

A password to secure wp-admin security is one of the important WordPress security tips that you need to follow.

Upgrade to HTTPS

HTTPS is used for the encryption of web server and web browser. By this, you can protect the website from hidden scripts and hackers and one of the important WordPress security tip.

Keep themes and plugins updated

If you have downloaded a theme then keep it updated and by this WordPress security tip you can avoid a lot of problems.

Delete unused themes

Unused themes and plugins should be deleted immediately to avoid all kind of problems.

Don’t download premium themes and plugins for free


For your WordPress security, you must not download premium themes and plugins that are available for free on some sites as they may contain viruses.


Backup your site for the WordPress security so all your data is secure.

Website update

For proper WordPress security, you should keep updating your website time to time and keep on improving website security.

Reliable hosting service

For WordPress security, you must choose a reliable hosting service.

Security plugins

Additional WordPress security plugins must be used to make your website even more secure.

Disabling directory listing

By enabling your directory listing as a visitor can easily have access to it so for better WordPress security avoid doing that?

Change database table prefix

Changing your database table prefix into complicated one can help with WordPress security.

Following all of the above tips can help you make your WordPress site secure.

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