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With the dramatic rise in our day to day activities and as the globe is taking a sharp turn by covering the distance as rapid as taking a breath. The technology is also taking great steps. If you will take about technology so without the name of android it is impossible to talk. Android is also taking great steps to maintain its survival and existence in the market. Here are some new applications if you are an android user.

Lens launcher:Lens launcher

You might be aware of several kinds of launchers but this a new and unique piece of technology. It will arrange your applications very great and new way. That the people will surely get amazed by it. It works rapidly and can browse the applications for you. So it has a unique shape and marvellous features.

Easy Sound recorder:Easy Sound recorder

Having a sound recorder is not something really amazing but what eye is catching about this sound recorder is that with this you will not have trouble about the pitch issue and also the mostly faced issue of frequency. It can record your audio at its best and also the voice you want to download it. Even though you ca also get access to a long time and short time intervals easily.

Auto Background Eraser Pro:Auto Background Eraser Pro

We all have some cameramen in our houses, offices, shops or at concerts. Even though some are really small in their age but what blunder they perform is that the take beautiful photos with bad backgrounds. Sometimes your pose will be right but the background makes you disappoint. And then what you will do? You will go to the store and find some background changer which has nothing true in their functionality. But now this auto background change app can provide you the feature of erasing the pictures and pasting them at your desired place. It works efficiently.

MMx Hill Climb:MMX Hill Climb

This an applications designed by keeping care about the laws of physics in it. It has also the feature by creating the craze in kids of playing it again and again. If you will play it for many times and play this for a long time you can upgrade your truck and can have a leaderboard. Isn’t it amazing? Really cool one ever. You can race with your friends and can let them know who the proficient in racing is really. So gamers are ready to play this. Now you can access to it at a single click.

Budget Eye:Budget Eye

We all are facing trouble by the financial and economic rise in the countries situational standby. Our country is facing not just teething troubles but also the big issues mainly. So living in third world country and you don’t have the control over your budget is a big sin ever made. The Even devil will ask you too. So there is an application which will control your budget by having an eye on it not only you’re but also the financial issues of your family. This is really amazing and helpful application in this regard.


Hope you will like the applications shared with you today. Keep visiting our website for more.

Written by Thomas Tucker

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