7 Must-Read SEO Articles For Every WordPress Blogger

In today blogging world getting high rankings for any valuable niche is really hard and without paying some  or even some  you’re not going to see your blog/website on first page of lovely google (usually). A  But along with purchasing relevant back-links you must consider some essential tips to not annoy Google’s robots. Your WordPress powered blog/website should be attractive for those robots looking for pretty websites!. As you use WordPress, there are some SEO pitfalls you may not know. So in this post, we’ve put together all you need to get your website a better ranking on search engines. Let’s enjoy!

1. The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For Your Blog


If you are looking for a fantastic comprehensive guide with a good categorized table of content at the first to learn more about SEO for WordPress, this tutorial would be yours!

This tutorial will also be useful to start learning about SEO for WordPress from scratch.

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2. 10 Important Tips to Optimize WordPress for Search Engines


Although many publishers think that WordPress doesn’t require any Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but in this tutorial, Ayaz Malik has made a list of 10 necessary changes for getting max out of search engines.

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3. 20 Practical SEO Tips to Super-Charge Your WordPress Blog!


This tutorial covers some useful subjects including: pinging, sitemaps, canonicalization, link juice, header tags, slugs, tags, timestamping, social media, permalinks, and a whole lot more!

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4. Brilliant WordPress SEO Tips for Bloggers and Webmasters


This WordPress SEO tutorial is simply about some common WordPress SEO tips. It’s really recommended for all WordPress users to use all tips in it.

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5. SEO for WordPress


This tutorial includes some tips and video tutorials which are all about SEO for WordPress.

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6. Setting Up WordPress for SEO


In this tutorial there are a number of  advanced tweaks and WordPress plugins you can install to help with URL structuring, search engine crawling, handling duplicate content, optimizing title and meta tags, images and internal linking.

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7. 9 Must-do WordPress SEO Tips that you might have missed


This tutorial is a different one! It’s not about some repeated tips in some other related tutorials. But it’s just about some short and useful tips that may some users miss them.

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