Amazing Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 has been launched with better operating system than others. Any Window is known by its creative apps and Windows 8 has introduced different new apps and updated versions. There are different apps to make you aware of different things and to keep you up-to date on social networks with your friends. Some of the amazing apps of Windows 8 are as follows.


Windows 8 has free application known as Onenote in which you can put or save all your ideas.The Onenote application has different features to explore multiple devices with the help of SkyDrive.
The Onenote application has different unique features to explore. With the help of this app you can explain your notes with drawings and you can jot down the option to tag your notes to organize them easily.



The Twitter app in Windows 8 helps to see the timeline and tweets on your screen when you are using other apps of Windows 8.This feature is worth installing on your Start screen.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the most captivating app of Windows 8 that help to make the pictures of your own choice. It helps to crop pictures, and adjust brightness; contrast and colors of your pictures and you can give different effects of colors of your choice to make photos more attractive. It also helps you to import photos from disc over the web.


Violet Storm Lite

Windows 8 has launched one of the best game named Violet Storm Lite.This game has two versions as a free Lite version and a £2.79 Pro edition that can be upgraded later on. This game of Windows 8 is about to explode your way through various enemies across a thrilling, infinite solar system backdrop. There is a lot of fun in it by finding out the way through spaceship around the galaxy to destroy enemies and complete the target.


Royal Revolt

Royal Revolt is another interesting games in Windows 8.This game is a free tower defense having marvelous 3D graphics, cartoon like sounds with interesting back story.
There are various difficult levels in this game that you have to complete to take back your kingdom. With the help of mouse, keyboard or touch screen you can attack to regain your kingdom.


Google Search

Google search app in Windows 8 does not only facilitate you to type or speak your queries but it also has an elementary web browser that helps to see the results within the apps, along with that allow you to use other Google tools like Maps or Gmail.



It is one of the interesting app of Windows 8 that help you to see your favourite missed programme of any channel at any time.
What you have to do is to just put the broadcast date by category or with the help of alphabets A-Z to search your program that you want to see.


Sidebar Dictionary

Sidebar dictionary is one of the informative applications in windows 8 that provides quick definitions taken from the website. You can look through the previous searches and with the help of this app you can save your required words for later use.


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