App of the Day-Energy Bar

In App of the Day, the term I am going to share you is perfectly astonishing. It will quietly make your blazer. You will have the glimpse and joyful moments. The tactics you will have in this regard would be ultimately remarkable and hopefully, some old trendies will change into a new range. The app of the day is energy bar. It is a new sort of application which will help you surely.Energy Bar

Reason behind the app of the day:

There is a big reason why the energy bar has chosen the app of the day. The reason behind the scene is that this will make a great change in the way of use. How you find your cell phone in a boring way it will make that enlighten and then surely you will get shocked and then rocked.

What does it?

As a user of an android cell phone even though if it belongs to the great technology and maybe you have bought it with the great price but there is an issue you must have to deal with. You must have the need to check it out. The battery issue indeed. It is the most discussed and mostly faced problem by all of us. It can make us distract and will make us feel astonishing sometimes with the dead phone every night.

But now you don’t need to face it. The problem will be resolved now. And you can breathe normally as before owing the cell phone.

The energy bar will replace the old method of battery percentage checking with its great features. It has many options to release the stress. It has basically the icons and also the bar by an association of that you can have it. It will help you out definitely.


It has many features. Which will help you a lot? These features are given below.

  • It can also adjust the thickness level.
  • You can select the colouring features.
  • The position of energy bar can also be adjusted. It is totally up to you where you want to place it. Either you want to place it left or the right. You can do it. Depends on your choice. You are the boss here.
  • You can also distribute the levels of the battery into the colouring. In this regard, it would be quite nicer. You can do it up to 4. The division would be from 1 % to 25%. After this, the colouring can be changed.
  • You can also hide it when you want for the full-screen contents, for example, some of the apps and games of android. So it will work as you want.
  • You can control the division too. It is up to you to hold it and place it where you want. It will corporate with you.


Shahez Ahmed

Clean app I don’t normally write reviews. But I have to admit that this app is nurtures the feature which would come out of gravity box. Thanks for creating this app.

Andrew Ghobrial 

Asks for too much access to your phone This app asks for accessibility access(which it doesn’t need), which lets it read all the text on your phone as well as a ton of other info. STAY FAR AWAY.

Colin Goodman 

A cool app, however the accessibility permissions the app wants are unnecessary and seemingly dangerous. Edit: The dev has responded saying that accessibility access is necessary, however it really isn’t. A draw over other apps permission probably would’ve worked, while accessibility provides access to so much, like reading text on the screen at any time.

Andrew Penner 

Handy to have I tend to obsess about my battery life. I have a terrible case of ‘range anxiety’. I start looking for a plugin at about 65%! So I’ve removed any battery percentage from showing in the status bar and am using this instead – hopefully it will help me retrain my brain about how long my battery actually lasts!


Written by Thomas Tucker

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