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Wandering in search of medicine here and there as a thirsty crow is full of tension. Even when some of your close ones is really needed to your help and you will not be able to know about the availability or doctors give you by mistake. So these are all sort of some really irritating problems by which we have to deal in our day to day life. But now an android application, named by Pharmapedia Pakistan has a solution to that problem. The third world country Pakistan has also now access in the field of drug regulation by one click.Pharmapedia Pakistan

Marvelous Features about App of the Day:

  • Offline Access:

The one an amazing feature of this application is that you can access to this while you do not have the internet. Even in the absence of internet, you can get to know. In android applications, the mostly faced trouble is that you should have the internet. No internet, no application output. But in this application, you can access to the output without internet

  • Dosages:

Even if you are at the best drug store of your country, you may be confused about the dosage value. But this great application of android will give you access.

  • Layout:

The layout of this app is really a thing need to be praised a lot. Beautiful design it has in it.

  • Autocomplete:

Sometimes even mostly it happens that keeping in mind the name of medicines would be a great trouble for us. But now this app has auto complete feature. Just 2 or three words will give auto completion.

  • Overview:

It will provide you the overview of any drug. So you will not need to worry about any issue.

  • Indications:

It will also give the indication about any drug and will enlighten the glimpse. It will make you alarm.

  • Side effects:

Have you ever thought that the medicine which your doctor is giving you can make health hazards for you or it can hurt you? Have you ever thought that the medicines your doctor is prescribing you will have a suitable issue? But now you don’t need to think about it. This application of the day will also give you access to the side effects of the drugs.

  • High risks:

Do you know that medicine you are taking can also have some risks or ever your doctor make you aware about that? Perhaps not but this application of day will give an idea about the risks by taking that.

  • Available from:

This application will also enlighten to the chapter about the availability form of that drug. Either it is available in the form of a tablet or in syrup form. It has available its injection or the powder all in that app you will get know.

  • Price:

Your doctor even never tells you about the price but this app of the day the Pharmapedia Pakistan will tell you price surely. You don’t need to worry about the price.

  • Alternative:

If you don’t find that suitable medicine so then the pharmacopeia Pakistan will let you know that what the alternative to it is. Or in replacement of this what you can find.


So the app of the day named pharmacopeia Pakistan is a solution in itself but be aware doesn’t use it without consulting your physician.

Written by Thomas Tucker

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