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Being an app developer or application designer has means a lot but what when you became a web developer and the problems you faced afterwards. After designing an application here are many terms and issues which come to make you irritate and create frustration. But now thanks to googling our friend, google has introduced a fabulous application for the developers keeping in mind the problems of developers. The google play console is the best app in the modern time. According to the developer point of view, it is unique and first time designed application in the regard of developing.Play Console

Features of Play Console:

The Google Play console has many features given below:

Google play data:

You can access to your google play store data via this application. Which means if you have uploaded some sort of data on the play store and you want to access to that data on the distance of single click so you can do it. It is so worthy application in this regard.

Performance notification:

By using this unique and tremendous application, you can also come to know about the app performance. It will let you know amazing your app is working. It is like display matter in that regard.

Statistical Analysis:

It can also make you alert about the statistical performance of your position. The static about the working, about the features and about the functions etc. It will let you know all about them. You will get aware about the performance in the way of statistic tactics. Isn’t it superb?

Financial data:

If you connected to a software house or have a great personality shareholder then all about the application is alright. But what you will do if you are a developer having not financially stable. In that regard, you can also get a notification. You need not worry about the issues. It has amazing features by reducing the tension you got into your mind. It will blow up your senses.

Publishing changes:

If you are worry about the publishment and abut the displaying positions of your applications. If your mind is spinning like a ball to give you a sort of disorder, don’t worry the solution is here buddy. Cheer up. The google play console will give a spark light to make you feel happy and relax. It will give you notifications of all.

Installment notifications:

If you are tensed and having a fear of being the installation. So the solution is here. You can get the notification that how much traffic is coming to your application. How many people are clicking on your app? And how much attempts are made in that regard.

Uninstalling feature:

If you are unaware about the users of your application and want to know about them. Because most of the time you are not aware that how many people have deleted or uninstalled your application, then this is a really amazing helpful tool for you. It will give you in a manner that how many persons have deleted your app.

Review reply:

Buddy if you want to stay in touch with your users directly then you can do it with just one click. Now just stay in touch with your audience and make them guide also. In this regard, it is really useful and great application.



The google play console is the all in one problem solved application for the confusion and issues of developers. Hope you will like it.

Written by Thomas Tucker

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