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Photography is also been a great pleasure and delight for us and we are always in this desire to find out some more features and the new apps in this regard. By that, we can have great features. With this way, there is an application named as VSCO, but now this application has introduced some new features and totally changed the user interface in order to make you more inspire.

What’s New?

The newly launched VSCO has marvellous features. It has so great effects. Now a new world of photography is ready to say you welcome. It has four options of gestures by which you can left and right and also up and down. It has also the featuring of navigation.VSCO

How does it work?

These keys of navigation have special commands by which you a new options.

If you will click at the left side you can have access towards the personal aspects and the data you have to upload and maybe you want to make some editing in your data you can have it.

If you will choose the right option it will lead you towards the content of groups and you can access to it in no time.

If you will go with the option to the downside it will lead you towards the access of your search bar.

If you will click at the upside then, in that case, you will be able to have the camera.

Isn’t it amazing? Perfectly cool.

Why is it famous?

This application is really the thing which is getting the applause and can give you a new world in a hilarious way. The reason behind the scene is that you can get the features to the camera at the righteous place not along with the traditional features of a camera but also some new functions you will get free of cost. Your camera will pay you a new look. Try it man

Editing is always been a new and marvellous feature. In this way, you would be able to edit more smoothly and calmly without searching for the rough applications. It will be so good. It will give you the delightful options and will merge you into new glimpse and the rays of that shining and colourful editing will surely make you smile.

For community purposes, the VSCO has also new things and the app of the day will surely be proof a real asset for you. Because many of us don’t like to get their pictures finding in useless comments they will like to keep it secret and to their private space so in this app, you can do it simultaneously.


Also, the app of the day is really updated but a new version will also release soon in order to make you more up to date. So don’t you worry VSCO is a full package.


Nagendra Kumar

Hello Vsco, Please add mirror editing feature in this app.

Benji Hertel

It’s so nice to be able to publish without the pressure of likes! Love the new VSCO

Josephine Nghi

Greatest app ever ?

Written by Thomas Tucker

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