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The United States Armed Forces in their endeavor to attract talent across the country have made available many facilities to their personnel like special education loans .They provide money for school and education. One can access and get access to the latest information. Congress has backed the US Armed forces to treat Military education for their personnel as very important welfare measure. Education for Armed Forces personnel is not a present day phenomena but has its roots way back to the Service members Readjustment Act 1944. Franklin D Roosevelt has the distinction of signing this act into law during his last tenure as President.Another popular name for this law is GI bill of rights. In 1984 significant improvements were made in this bill on the initiative of Senator Gillespie V. “Sonny” Montgomery of Mississippi. As a token of recognition of his work this bill, this bill is also referred to as “Montgomery GI Bill.” American servicemen in large numbers have been the beneficiaries of this bill.

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The Montgomery GI Bill has an important proviso in that all recruits are provided a cash incentive on joining the Armed Forces for their education. This is applicable to all forces that are part of the United States war machine. The MGIB is the vanguard under whose aegis service men can obtain degrees and technical diplomas from colleges and technical schools including Correspondence courses. However this incentive is only available to personnel who are on the active duty list or have obtained an honorable discharge. Personnel who have been court-marshaled, cashiered or dismissed from service for any offense are not eligible for this benefit. However one must be aware that there is a stipulation in the Montgomery GI bill that recruits must give their agreement for a deduction of $100 every month from their pay.

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In addition the Armed Forces from their own allocated budget which is approved by Congress also set aside funds under the Veterans Educational Assistance program (VEAP). In addition the armed forces also have another incentive in the form the Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP).This makes joining the Army and allied services more attractive for civilians. Under this program citizens receive up to $65,000 for qualified Military education loans if they enlist. Reservists receive a lesser amount of $ 20,000. However SLRP must be requested by the recruit at the time of his joining the concerned force. However defaulters are not eligible. This is not the end as there are further incentives for a recruit who opts for a career in the US armed forces. This is in the form of the Armed Forces Tuition Program. Enlisted personnel of the Armed forces have a chance to enroll for courses at accredited colleges and universities. However this incentive has a ceiling of $4500 for a course in a year and a $250 per credit hour.

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