Web Hosting For Business Options Comparison

Tweet Choosing the best hosting provider is not an easy task. There are thousands of providers worldwide which can offer their services to anyone on the planet. However, even this highly competitive market has leader companies preferred by most people in need of running websites. HostGator HostGator is among the top 3 providers for small […]

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All in one solution for yourWordPress website – TubePress plugin

Tweet Looking for a complete WordPress video plugin free download which best covers your needs to present any video? Looking for many plugins around in the library you will see that there are many but most of them lack something you’re looking for. Some support only Youtube, although many sources prefer to use Vimeo instead. […]

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Free WordPress Video Themes: Attractive and Beautiful

Tweet Have you tried to find a free WordPress theme video? What do you think? Isn’t it difficult, very difficult? Several Video theme wordpress, discussed here will make the search easier for you as they are complete with countless customization options. Stumblr WordPress Video Themes Being a super minimalist style it is ideal for photos […]

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WordPress Subscription Plugin Free Download –Boosts Visitors

Tweet To boost visits to your website it’s not only needed to make it rank better on search engines and let more people find you, but also to make the newcomers get back to it often. WordPress Subscription plugin free download are a must if you want regular visitors on your website. Simple Subscribe is […]

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Free WordPress Importer Plug-in Download

Tweet YouTube WordPress Plug-in is among the best video importers that you can come across. This is inarguably a free WordPress importer plug-in that is designed to give ease and quick importation of video into WordPress so as to enhance the creation of a video blog in just a matter of minutes. If you have […]

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The Contact Form WordPress Plugin

Tweet It is always important to interact with your site visitors. Contact form is a thing that allows for convenient and safe communication with them. Your site will not just look more neat, but also you won’t have to show your E-mail address preventing abuse from Web scrapers and spammers. The Contact Form plugin brings […]

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Construction WordPress Themes Free Download

Tweet Those who are developing new sites need to start impressing their targeted traffic long before the site is set running. If your domain and site needs a new WordPress site to be launched on them, do not wait till you are ready. You can make an announcement prior to the completion of development. The […]

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Easy Google Analytics WordPressPlug-in Download

Tweet TheGoogle analytics WordPressplug-in by Yoast allows the user to track their blog easily as it also stays up to date with the latest and most modern Google Analytics features. The development of this plug-in happens to be on the GitHub. Here, bugs as well as pull requests are welcome. You can either refer to […]

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Under Construction WordPress Themes Free Download

Tweet You happen to be working on one of your new websites and you find that it is not very prudent for you to leave your pages to be totally blank. Visitors may stumble on this page and you really want to keep them as your soon to be potential customers. “Coming soon WordPress themes” […]

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Which is the Best Web hosting for WordPress?

Tweet Before you start making your website, you need to find a server which would host it. WordPress hosting is a service specially designed to host WordPress websites. All serious hosting providers offer this, but HostGator appears to be the best for it. HostGator’s hosting is not free, but there are many things for which […]

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