Best IPhone Apps

Apple being the most sophisticated technology (when it comes to the cell phones) offers multiple apps to its customers which may be utilities, browsers, games and much more. No matter if it’s the latest iPhone 5s or the older one, some of the amazing and best iPhone apps are as follows:

Fantastical 2

Every one of us wonders why would we call a calendar Fantastical? The answer lies in the list of shortcuts it creates. Fantastical works as an organizer. It brings a variety of calendars together that may be Google, Apple’s own calendar or any other. Holding the iPhone in portrait orientation, fantastical shows you a list of the upcoming events that may be expected in the month or the one planned on daily basis. You can set it either way. When holding it in landscape orientation your weekly to do’s list is in front of you. You can write or speak up to enter the data in your fantastical diary. All this makes it really fantastic. It costs £1.99.


Launch Centre Pro

This serves as a speed dial to the most used apps in your iPhone. The launch centre pro may include the Facebook app, your messages, your photos, easy access to the last photo clicked or uploaded, Skype, contacts or anything you want an easy access to. This app is worth £2.99



Another amazing iPhone app is ArtStack. This app lets you share art works which have mesmerized you, ranging from paintings to photography and sculptures. The app does not provide the ideal security to artwork which is uploaded using your iPhone camera. This is the reason most of the people search for the source of the artwork before uploading their work. You can download it for free.



Letterpress is like the other classic board games consisting of a 5 x 5 framework of letters. It may initially appear boring, dull, and conventional but it requires a mastermind and intellect. Letterpress is an online multiplayer fixture. Diversion even for micro of a second may lead you to lose. So, there’s not even a chance to leisure upon. It can be downloaded for free.



DailySpank is an app which allows online photography competition. A theme is given according to which you have to click photos on the theme for example “take a photo on what you are wearing” or “take a photo on something funky”. The photos with most Spanks (votes) are graded by the responsive and appreciating comments. It’s free to download.



This app, “bump” allows you to transfer your files to other PCs and smart phones by bumping them together physically if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. To serve the purpose, visit in the PC or smart phone browser and lightly strike your iPhone on the PCs space bar and the selected file that may be a photo, music file or a document is transferred to the PC. It can be downloaded for free.



This app brings together your imagination and the real shoots. It allows you to shoot a video then congeal a frame and apply the effects of your imagination. For example falling of rain drops or raising of bubbles in the view. It’s free to download.


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