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WordPress is software that transforms you into a new world of technology. It is easy to use and has immense flexibility which means that it is user friendly. It is the easiest content management system (CMS) known till date. WordPress survey plugin is used to conduct surveys, polls, questionnaires and puzzles. In fact results can also be calculated within a blink of our eyelids. Some of the best wordpress survey plugins are:

YOP Polls

  • This enables users to create polls at any desired time.
  • Innumerable polls can be managed at one go without any confusion and chaos.
  • Results are displayed in an organized manner.
  • Any poll can be restarted if and when desired.
  • Custom fields can be added to collect more information about the voters.

Free Download YOP Polls Plugin

Polls ByOpinionStage

  • As the name suggests, opinions of public users can be discovered easily.
  • Number of fonts, effects, colours available to make your polls look attractive.
  • Supports a number of languages to conduct polls.
  • One can easily get more traffic by adding this plugin to their website or blog.
  • Plugin can be customized according to the poling requirements.

Free Download Polls by OpinionStage

WP Polls

  • A number of templates available
  • Allows users to disable polls
  • The place to post polls is chosen by the user itself.

Free Download WP Polls Plugin

WordPress has limitless features which makes it a unique and the most used software. It is loaded with flexibility which makes work easy and fun and also saves a lot of time especially for people who are loaded with too much work. Making website, blogs, conducting surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, etc and also calculation of results is now done in a jiffy with the WordPress survey plugin.

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