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You happen to be working on one of your new websites and you find that it is not very prudent for you to leave your pages to be totally blank. Visitors may stumble on this page and you really want to keep them as your soon to be potential customers. “Coming soon WordPress themes” also referred to us “Under construction WordPress themes” are exactly what you need so as to give your potential clients an impression that this website will soon be running.

The under construction WordPress themes come with several features that are impressive to the visitor. Other features are also important for the website owner to track the visitor once the website is fully running. Some of these features include;

  • A countdown timer that displays the launch date: this may give the visitor a definite time when they can come back to check on your site.
  • An email form that asks for the users’ email addresses.

Below is a collection that briefly gives you some of the free under construction WordPress themes which informs the readers and all visitors that your site is underway.

  1. Landis Theme

The appearance of the landing page of this WordPress theme is great. It keeps your audience informed at this time when you are still building your website.

  1. Ready2Launch

Created by Mikulas Jackub, this free download WordPress theme can also be found in the HTML/CSS options.

  • Launcher

When you want a coming soon WordPress theme which estimates to readers the remaining time for the website to finally be launched, then Launcher is the theme for you.

  1. BeBack

A very simple but elegant WordPress theme having the date of launch, a countdown timer together with a progress bar, all absolutely free for download.

To get an under construction WordPress themeFree Download, you can visit;

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