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It is always important to interact with your site visitors. Contact form is a thing that allows for convenient and safe communication with them. Your site will not just look more neat, but also you won’t have to show your E-mail address preventing abuse from Web scrapers and spammers.

The Contact Form plugin brings a feedback form to your website or a blogpost. It is an extremely simplified plugin which can work by just inserting the plugin’s shortcode in the desired place within the text. The Contact Form will let you create all needed fields with field names of your choice. The first of all, you should specify the target inbox- i.e. your e-mail, where the messages will be delivered. Basic fields include Name, E-mail Address, Subject and Message, with optional checkbox for sending the copy back to the sender. There is also an optional field for attaching files. You can choose which of the fields are mandatory to be filled and which only remain optional.

contact foam

Easy communication is very appreciated on the Web, and even the most complex websites will never need any complex contact form. Despite this, it is always good to have some add-ons which can improve your or users’ experience.

Captcha is a widely used security tool. Consists of a vector image featuring random letters which users need to insert in its fields to send information. While it can be boring for some site visitors, it will repel most spam bots. Captcha can also come as a simple math question which is more user-friendly.

There are also add-ons allowing you to manage received messages, arrange multiple contact forms on the site and prioritize plugins for inbox queues. More info about the add-ons can be found by clicking on the link below.

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