Design a Delighted landing Page Using the Page Builder

In online marketing, business is the real client. When you will ask any designer or an online marketer who is working to boost a product for a client, he will tell you that the secret to grab the customers is the well-designed website. We may agree on that, but what if there is more effective and guaranteed way to do so? Many of us are already familiar with landing pages, but what are they and what benefit they can get you, we never thought of that. After you will find the benefits of it, you will be needed to learn how to build a great landing page that can be very helpful for your sales. Let’s discuss it all.

What is the Landing Page?

By the definition, a landing page is a page where a visitor land right after he searches for a keyword in any search engine. Now, think what will be the effect if the landing page or LP where a visitor land is not worthy enough to stay. And what if the landing page is so attractive and defined for a product that the visitor becomes your customer? These are two different scenarios and the output is totally different. I hope you are getting the point. I want you guys to understand that the landing page is the call to action page that urges the users to buy what they are seeing. So, the landing page should be with rich graphical content and attractive infographics along with words and points so that visitor can understand what you are selling and what are the benefits of buying it and you need to define all this in one single page. For defining the proper meanings, I am describing some points which are enough to clear what Landing pages are

  • As a content, Landing page convey the idea of business
  • The design should describe the objectives of your business
  • Call to action should be the real motive. It means that user must click and purchase

Page Builder for Landing Page

Keeping it in mind that it is never an easy task to design a fascinating landing page, but there are some templates that can help you with it. For those who have a great image of what they should build but do not have designing capabilities, there are some page builders that you can use for the purpose to design a landing page by yourself. I am not going to describe different page builders here, but my focus is how a page builder can help you to build a captivating landing page. For the purpose to understand, let us take “Visual Composer Page Builder” plugin. This plugin install if you are using WordPress and can resolve the issue of designing like a charm.

What You Should Do

Before designing a Landing page, there are some points that should be clear. You should be 100% sure about what are you selling and what are the motives of your company (or the products). After learning that, map a design in your head and make a sketch of it. Include your company graphics into the design of the landing page and set the goals till you are satisfied. After completing the blueprint now is the time to use the builder. What a builder can do for you, well, read yourself.

  • A page builder is preprogrammed and has all features that do not need any development skills.
  • You can place the blocks on the page as you sketch on the page and then in those blocks you can insert whatever you want to like an image, a graphic, a video, etc.
  • The heading and subheadings are easy to handle along with the font size and style.
  • A lot of types of call to action buttons.
  • Review blocks and elements that can help you to insert reviews in different styles.
  • Testimonies and Customers Opinions.

These are many of the features that a page builder has, but some of the important ones are described here. I hope after reading this article, you are aware of the definition of a landing page and how easy you can build it by using a page builder plugin. You understanding is what matters to me most and if you have anything that you want to clear, please ask it.


Written by Thomas Tucker

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