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Music has always played a huge role in everyone’s life. With the advent in the increased globalization of everything, music has also traveled the path to new height. With everything available online, it has become as good as a basic need for band and people from music industry to have a website. A website can be a place where they can showcase their work or where they can upload the latest events and post their fans about upcoming events. This is where wordpress theme for music comes into play. Even if you are walking solo or you have a big band of heavy duty fellows, wordpress themes are helpful.

Below here is a list of wordpress music themes which are available for free download.

Unik WordPress Music Theme

UNIK Music Theme

Universal music responsive theme – this is a free music wordpress theme. It has one single page where everything can be accessed at the same go. You don’t need to implement different pages for everything else. One page is enough and this has been proven by UNIK. No more worries now, gift your band or yourself this unique theme which can help in making a better looking website.

Unik WP Theme Download

Lush Worpress Theme Music

Lush Music Band Theme

This free wordpress music theme is as sexy as it sounds. One can do discography and this has the feature of audio player in build. One can totally rely on this sexy theme for the best outputs needed for a theme. No matter what you are – a punk rocker, a rapper, a solo or a band, this theme will impress people and will allow some other people to even envy you! Just do not miss out on this theme, because nobody knows the theme which is available for free can be paid as well in no time. Gift yourself or your band a website with this theme today.

Lush WP Theme Download

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