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TheGoogle analytics WordPressplug-in by Yoast allows the user to track their blog easily as it also stays up to date with the latest and most modern Google Analytics features. The development of this plug-in happens to be on the GitHub. Here, bugs as well as pull requests are welcome. You can either refer to the forums or decide to buy the premium version of this plug-in on Buying it gives you access to the support team hence making it easy to download, install and use.

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The features of this plug-in are numerous and they include;

  • The option of enabling demographics as well as interest reports
  • The asynchronous or rather the universal Google Analytics tracking code is used by the plug-in. This is not only the fastest but also the most reliable tracking code that is offered by Google Analytics.
  • The installation is simple via integration with Google Analytics API: Just authenticate and select the desired site and you are done.
  • A full debugging mode that includes ga_debug.js and Firebug Lite for debugging the Google Analytics matters.
  • 404 pages together with pages for the tracking of your results
  • Option of annonimizing of IPs for free usage in countries having strict privacy regulations.
  • Downloads tracking as well as outbound links
  • The options of tracking internal links with a format similar to outbound links. It’s very useful for all the affiliate links especially those starting with “out”.
  • There is the option of tracking just downloads as events or page views in the Google Analytics.
  • Configuration possible options for tracking outbound links as either events or as pageviews.

The developers of Google analytics WordPressplug-in are working day and night to ensure that all the users will soon have a dashboard within their WordPress admin having the most recent and important stats from the Google Analytics.

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