Fabulous Apps for Today

In our day to day life. We have to deal with several necessary and unnecessary events where we find our cell phone useful and in order to give you more plentiful featuring the new apps are enlisted below. Check it out and feel joy.

Apps of the Day:

The newly launched applications are given here. They are just released. They will enhance the effects and release the burden from you.

Google Maps Beta:Google Maps Beta

This application can also be termed as the app of the day because it cannot be replaced by anyone. It has really great and amazing features. The development of this beta is so useful and this is entirely different and new way. It will make you enhance the features. This a newly launched version. It is for you that you can check it out before it will be added into the usual application. The previous version of mapping was 9.26.1 but now this feature is based on 9.27. It will show you more options. It will help you out.

Sky Force Reloaded:Sky Force Reloaded

The first version of sky force 2014 was one of the most likely ones. But now here is the new one version to make you. It has also some features of an ancestor. It has the options of fighting and hitting the object the same .But the introduction of new graphics will pay you a new look. To make the fighting more expanding and liking. It has features like having the cards ,and also the new jets you can have.

Swipe for the Facebook:Swipe for the Facebook

Using facebook on the phone is an old worth term but now you can do it amazingly. It is totally a new look towards the facebook. It will give new options like themes and some of the touches according to the google+ terms. In that way, it is a totally outstanding one applications to enhance the features of facebook.

Transformers: Earth WarsTransformers Earth Wars

Earth wars are basic ALL GAME INTRODUCED to make you feel better. What you have to in this game is like make a place and give you like an interface. In this game, you will get a kingdom and it as an armour so that you can have the fight with the enemy to make your place more secure. This will give you an inspiration. It will great effect and will make you feel better. Definitely, the purpose behind the game is to introduce this and boost up your skills. Will teach you how to fight and withstand against the terms.

Conclusion: All of these applications are for your assistance. It will help you and you will have a better glance. It will feel you like you never felt before.

Written by Thomas Tucker

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