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The builders from the WordPress have released the best responsive WordPress plugin form. It allows you to choose from so many features such as changing color, dimensions and fonts. Long filled labels can also be avoided.

Form Maker

Form Maker is new and is very innovative; one can try out so many things compared to the earlier running version. This version requires no advanced programming skills and is very easy to use.

Customized themes are now available –

  • End numbers of customized themes in WordPress plugin form are available which can be used to pick the perfect design for your website. It has a unique feature of editing and making required changes according to your needs. Created forms can be previewed as well.

Good for beginners –

  • Multipart and simple forms both can be used for making in Form Maker and this is the only reason why Form builder is famous among beginners. To make this even easier form builder provides some pre installed forms which can be used.  The form builder can be used for making survey forms, questionnaires, registration and application forms etc.
  • The commercial version of Form Maker has Google map integration for searching the location and pre filled address which can be used for demo purpose, in fact the details of the longitude and latitude can also be provided.

PayPal integration now available-

  • PayPal can also be integrated in Form Maker; it allows you to add PayPal features into the form, thus making it possible to use the Form Maker as a tool for creating donation forms as well as survey tools. The form builder has given a captcha field to protect from receiving spam with the forms. It comes with two options, one is a simple catch and the other is Recaptcha.

Form Maker supports many languages-

Few are mentioned below-

  • Arabic (ar)
  • Albanian (sq)
  • Belarusian (be BY)
  • Catalan
  • Chinese (CN)
  • Danish(Dk)
  • Hindi(hn)

You can download the plugin at

Written by Mohsen


Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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