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YouTube WordPress Plug-in is among the best video importers that you can come across. This is inarguably a free WordPress importer plug-in that is designed to give ease and quick importation of video into WordPress so as to enhance the creation of a video blog in just a matter of minutes. If you have premium themes such as De Tube, Wave, Sahifa, SimpleMag, Goodwork, Avada and TrueMag, you need not to worry while downloading this theme as it is compatible with all of them.

Advantages of YouTube WordPress Plug-in

YouTube WordPress Plug-in enhances the importation of YouTube videos as WordPress posts. This can then be used in the front end as an individual’s post or the user can choose to place it into the already existing pages or posts by the use of short codes that are provided by the plug-in.

Whether from search queries, user uploads or YouTube Playlists, you can import the videos from anywhere in YouTube.

There is the possibility of importing both single videos or in bulk.

With the bulk import settings, you can control it insert either all or just some of the details from YouTube. E.g. YouTube imported descriptions can be brought in as post text, excerpt or you can choose to as well skip it.

Depending on the user’s option, when one is doing bulk imports, the created posts can either have status pending, status draft or status published according to their wish.

YouTube WordPress Plug-in has the feature of creating a new video, something that’s made to be as easy as importation of a video from YouTube. You just need to import the ID of the video you intend to create and the plug-in will do the rest by loading the details of the video as well as populating with values that are retrieved from YouTube.

WP CSV Import and Export Plugin

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