Get Blogging Skills from top 9 WordPress Tutorial Sites

WordPress is very significant in order to polish your blogging skills. The knowledge of using WordPress based on WordPress is incredible and you can definitelt get the benefit out of this knowledge. There are so many WordPress tutorials available on the internet proving the fact that this CMS tool has become so important.
For the beginners, the WordPress Codex is good enough as it teaches the beginners WordPress’ who, what, where, when, why, and how of the platform. After starting with the WordPress Codex, these ten websites are for the enhancement of your skills for using WordPress blog and dashing it like a Jaguar.
There is a video blog available which provides visual of how to on the WordPress. It is an official blog from the wordPress. You can also find interviews and discussions from around the WordPress Forum as well as the indexing of videos from A-W categories.



WPCandy is the website enveloping WordPress from all possible angles such as news, editorials, reviews, podcasts, interviews, and most importantly, WordPress tutorials. Then, there is a segment analysing WP tools and themes. The segment of tutorials is a hodgepodge of quick tips and in depth how-tos. If you have a preference for listening instead of reading, then you can also have that facility with the help of a podcasts directory.



WPRecipes is one of the best resource websites for fixing up the problems related to WordPress. It helps you to fix the problem quickly and thus, helping the WordPress run smoothly. It entails many posts having code snippets for configuring WordPress. The comments available on the website are also very helpful as they facilitate the users with tips.

Digging Into WordPress


There is a variety of topics available on this website from administration to Design. This is a devoted WordPress blog by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr. The posting of new articles is one in a week. There are links available to other WP tutorials of other blogs. So there is a lot to learn from this website.

WP Engineer


The frequency of posting a new tutorial on this website is also one in a week. There is a variety of tutorials available on this website numbered as 240 tutorials. These tutorials are very illustrative. You can learn a lot from these tutorials as they are very helpful in learning new stuff related to WordPress.

WordPress Tutorials


This website has a collection of WP tutorials gathered from various sources and it rates them as well.the website has become a bit inactive now because of its last post in February. But it’s a very good source as there are almost 500 tutorials available on this website.

WP Tavern


WPTavern is a fansite of WordPress users posting all the time. This blog is almost two years old. It’s the common platform for WP users in oreder to solve their problems. There are discussions on the website related to the topics like plugins, hacks, themes, troubleshooting tips etc.

WP Topics


This website gathers WordPress news, developments, and tutorials like a journalist. With the help pof leading websites related to WordPress, you can read articles about coding and design from the websites which we have discussed and some we have not discussed as yet.

WordPress Stack Exchange


This website has the facility for its users to answer their problems related to WP. One can also this website a WP Q&A facility. It does not help us with any problems related to tutorials but facilitates you by answering about any doubts you may have related to administration and configuration of WordPress. Check out the website if the query has already been answered. You can also check out the FAQ if you don’t know how to use this Q&A service.



This website is a realtime search engine for the tips and theme information related to WordPress. You can search on this website very easily as you can not only select the Themes or Tips but also you can do an all inclusive search.

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