How To Write A Brilliant Blog Post Headline

Most of the blog readers when come across a blog read the title only. Only a few of them go through it. So to raise your ranking and to make a reader stick to your blog and make him read it all, the headline or the title of your blog should be very catchy. To make your headline captivating, follow some points and you can have a heavy traffic on your blog.

Short and Focused Headline

The most important thing is that the title of your blog should be short. Long titles do not appeal its readers too much. But the short headline you create for your blog must be clear, compelling and easy to understand. It should shortly explain that what the blog is all about. It should be focused and should make sense. The reader must find it clickable.


Use of keywords

If you are writing a headline of around seven to eight words, out of these, at least two or three words should be the keywords which are most compelling for the reader. This will help in better ranking of your blog. Moreover, keywords attract most of the readers and will make them hook upon and read it all.


Use good grammar

You never know how many of the readers skip your blog just because you have not used good grammar. Grammar in your headline is very important because it is the first impression of your blog on a reader’s mind. No matter how good have you written inside but if you have used incorrect grammar you might lose a good reader and he may skip over your blog.


Use special characters in your headline

Use of special characters like a question mark (?), an exclamation mark (!), a colon (:), a hyphen (-) may be used in your headline to make it more appealing. A question mark may be used to make a reader curious about what might be an answer to the question which has been rised. The exclamation mark can be used to make a reader excited about the blog. A hyphen and colon may be used to separate words in the headline.


Try avoiding some other characters

Try to avoid using symbols like @, #, < >. Because the sign @ is mostly used to refer to some email address. This makes a reader confused that a headline containing this symbol might be referring to some email id. The hash (#) sign is mostly used in some sections of a web page address. < > symbols are used in HTML and mark up languages and using of these symbols in your headline can incise the URL of your title.
However, there is no hard and fast rule for writing the headline of your blog but using these simple but useful tips you can not only increase the rating of your blog by increasing the traffic on it but can also leave behind your competitors far behind.


Written by Mohsen


Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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