In Search of Free File Hosting Services: 25 of the bests

Whether you’re going to backup your important files to download later, or want to share/send some fat files that cannot be sent via an attachment, finding a great free file hosting service will be vital. Personally I mean great service something don’t bother you for its free service by lots of annoying ads, different restrictions, bad design, long delays, low speed, and other things you’ve experienced while working with some free services.

Here, in this post, I’ve put together a traditional list which will hopefully help you get familiar with the most popular free file storage sites and their features. So you can make a better choice. Some of the sites featured below have a number of great features such as providing direct link, Uploading without registration, Unlimited space, easy-to-use firefox addons and much more.

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Use to privately share your files and collaborate in real time by web, email, phone, mobile, and more. Create each drop in two clicks and share what you want, how you want, with whom you want. has provided many perfect ways for users to upload in just two clicks via web-Email, MMS, Facebook, Firefox extension, Phone and fax input and also provided many various outputs including: web, Email, MMS, twitter, iTunes, Fax and more.

To upload your files you need to create a ‘drop’. A drop is non-networked, non-search able. Also every ‘drop’ can be password-protected and doesn’t need any type of account registration.

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • Direct download link? yes
  • Resume Download? yes
  • Let others to add or delete files? yes, you can manage your ‘drops’ to do this.
  • Maximum space to upload? 100MB for per drop
  • Period of file expiration: one year after last download (one year inactivity)
  • More: to know fully features of visit it and watch their video file on their front page.

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2. Easy Share


Pretty great service that gives you 4 different ways to upload files – web upload, FTP upload, upload with Easy Share software and remote upload – very handy.

Maximum file size per upload is 100MB and unlimited storage and no registration required if You want to just upload file, however for managing files and uploading files from FTP, I suggest to register. Very good service and completely free.

To start uploading your files using this website, visit it.

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box is one of the most famous file hosting services that allows to easily create an online workspace to share your projects there as a link or a shared folder and also let you add comments, assign tasks, start discussion.

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • Maximum space to upload: 1GB
  • Bandwidth: 10GB for free

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4. File Savr


FileSavr’s goal is to simplify the process of file hosting. We provide fastest and easiest file hosting service as an alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike the other sites, we do not force users to sign up for paid accounts to download files, we do not show long countdown timers, pop up ads, or any other spam related activities. Our goal is simple, to offer the most basic file hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly.

  • Sign up is needed: Yes
  • Maximum space to upload: 10 GB (This is really great to upload large files)
  • More about this online service: Not showing long countdown timers, pop up ads, or any other spam related activities. The use of this service to upload copyrighted or illegal material is not allowed, and will be removed and the offending individual may be banned from using our services.

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5. File Front


File Front offers free file hosting for up to 1GB. You should be aware that this service is limited for video gaming files.

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • period of file expiration: up to 6 months

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6. ShareSend


ShareSend is another file hosting service that we are going to write about. Their website is really simple and user friendly with no advertisement.

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • Maximum file size to upload: 100MB
  • Period of file expiration: sixty days inactivity

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7. YouSendIt


YouSendIt is not typically a file hosting service. It works more like a service that let users to send large Email attachment.

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • Maximum file size for free account: 100MB
  • Download restriction: the file can be downloaded up to 100 times

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8. SendLargeFiles

send-large files

SendLargeFiles has provide a nice and user friendly interface. As they have written on their website ‘DropSend is an application to send large files to other people without being restricted by email attachment sizes. With DropSend you upload a file online and the receiver gets an email with a download link‘;

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • Maximum file size to send: 2GB
  • How many sends? 5 per month
  • More: Business plan available for group file-sharing

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9. DivShare


DiveShare allows to its users to upload every kind of files. You can use it as a media hosting. DriveShare also has provide a dashboard with a tabbed menu to access: all files , audios, images, videos and documents.

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • Space to upload: 5GB
  • More: password protect

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10. 4Shared


4Shared is one of the most famous file hosting services on the web. Some amazing more options: desktop application for advanced uploading called 4Shared desktop. 4Shared toolbar which gives you instant access to 4Shared desktop, 4shared home page and personal 4shared account.

  • Sign up is needed? yes
  • Space to upload: 1GB

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11. badongo

badongo has provide many perfect tools for the users. It also let you play your videos, music, and photo slideshows anywhere. Some other great options are: Unlimited Storage Space, File Management, Photo Albums, Music Playlists, FTP Uploads.

  • Sign Up is needed? yes
  • Space to upload: 12GB

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12. FileDen


This is one of the best user friendly and clean websites which offers 1GB upload size. Fast download speed would be another great feature. This Free file hosting website has provided many features that you can check them out in the FAQ page of the site. To use this free online service you just need to register.

File Den’s servers are located in the Gnax datacenter, Atlanta. They currently run on a network of more than 20 servers – expanding monthly in order to continue offering the best service they possibly can.

File Den currently provides its file hosting services to almost 2 million registered users worldwide – growing by thousands on a daily basis, so register today and see just exactly what you’re missing!

  • Sign up is needed? Yes
  • Maximum Space to Upload: 1GB
  • File size/ File numbers limitation to download: 5 GB a Month
  • Download speed for free users: 100kb/sec.
  • Direct link: yes
  • Embedding files? yes
  • Sharing files? yes

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13. zShare


There is no limit how long files are kept on the server, but if files are not downloaded for more than 60 days are automatically deleted.

  • Sign up is needed? no, but with registering a free account you can upload bigger files
  • File size to upload: 500MB
  • Space to upload for an account: 1024MB
  • Direct link: yes
  • Download limitation: no (every file could be downloaded for unlimited times)
  • Period of file expiration: Files not downloaded for more than 60 days are automatically deleted. (60 days inactivity)
  • Any file type restriction? yes, p o r n o g r a p h y, copyrighted material, any kind of offensive things

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14. Store & Serve


Features of this free file hosting service is listed below:

  • Sign up is needed?
    No. But it is possible to have a free membership account. This free account makes you able to have these features: more download speed up to 150 KB/s, manage your uploaded files and review your file statistics.
  • Options:
    After browsing for your file to upload, you can set a title, a description and tag(s), select a language and also set the options for private or public.Then you will receive four links including download link, delete link, forum link and  also receive a html link.
  • Maximum space to upload: 100 MB for all and 250 MB for the users who register as free members.
  • Time Limit: 30 days inactivity for all and none expire for the users who register as free members.
  • More about this online service:
    Direct link (This would be amazing), Parallel downloads is available just for members, Using file manager.

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15. SendSpace


Another great free file hosting to upload very big files.

  • Sign up is needed? No (But registered users will be able to Addressbook, Track and edit uploaded files, set account preferences, Invite a friend)
  • Options: First you should browse for your file then it is optional to write description, recipient’s Email and your Email. You can also use Multiply file uploader.
  • Maximum space to upload: 1.2GB
  • file size to upload: Up to 100 GB
  • Period of file expiration: 2 weeks
  • More about this online service: This service has provided ’send space wizard’ as a desktop tool that lets you upload\download multiply files into your account.

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16. MegaUpload

megauploadA nice file hosting site that allows to upload easily and fast.

  • Sign up is needed? No
  • Options: In home page you have a flash menu that is interesting and let you to have more options there. For each file you must type a meaningful description and after uploading you will receive the download link.
  • Maximum space to upload: 1024 MB
  • Period of file expiration: 30 days inactivity.
  • More about this online service: You can download Mega toolbar for IE and Firefox to transfer your files easily.

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17. TransferBigFiles


As the title shows, this file hosting website allows to upload big files.

  • Sign up is needed: No
  • Description: At the first step you should browse for your file and you can also select multiply files to upload (up to 5 files). then should type recipient Email (up to 4 Emails). In advanced options mode you would have more options:
    -  Including a message to recipient(s)
    -  Password protect access to file(s)
  • Maximum space to upload:
    1 GB
  • file size \ file number limitation to download:
    This is not limited (because you don’t need to register)
  • Hosting duration for each file:
    For a minimum of 5 days up to 10 days (registered users can manage their files to expire them)
  • More about this online service:
    You can have password protection for your files and

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18. File Factory


Free file hosting and file sharing to upload up to 25 files of any type, under 300MB each.

  • Sign up is needed: No
  • Description: After selecting your file(s) and uploading them you will receive a link in HTML format that you can copy it.
  • Maximum space to upload: 300 MB for each file
  • File size \ file number limitation to download: You can upload 25 files once
  • Hosting duration for each file: If your file has not been downloaded after 90 days, it will automatically be removed. Files for Premium Members are never deleted as long as their Premium Account remains active. If you have a Premium account and your account expires, the files in your account will be subject to the 90 day rule.
  • More about this online service: Your decide who you want to share your files with. Keep your files private, or send your download links only to friends or family. Alternatively you can choose to share your download links on blogs, forums and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.
  • Use our handy flash widget to embed you folders or music on your blog or profile. Upload and download files at lightning speed with our FileFactory Turbo application which supports multiple threads and download resuming.

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19. FileQube


This service is completely free. Some great features are: web file manager, different widgets to make Your life easier, tags, quick search, hot links, RSS sharing and etc.

  • Sign up is needed: No ( But if you create a free membership there you will be able to manage your files)
  • Space to upload: 2GB
  • Maximum file size to upload: 150mb
  • Description: First your browse for your file and upload it. then you will receive for links and colds including html code, download link, delete link and forum codes then it is possible to submit your email to be able to manage your uploaded files.

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20. Media Fire


This is one of most used free file hosting services on the web.This service offer a bunch of free, great options and unlimited storage but only 100MB per file. Here you can see features of free account:

  • Sign up is needed? No, but having a registered account lets you to have more options.
  • Maximum file size to upload: 100MB
  • More: Unlimited downloads, Unlimited bandwidth, Image gallery

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21. Adrive


Another good file hosting service in our varied list which lets you to share your files. You can see some features of this file hosting service below:

  • Space to upload: 50GB
  • Ftp (file transfer protocol)? Yes
  • Tools: Adrive desktop

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22. File Dropper


Very fresh designed site without any annoying countdown timers or blinking, aggressive advertisements like some other ones.

  • Sign up is needed: No
  • Description: Simply browse for your file to upload it and then receive two links including a download link and a html link.
  • Maximum space to upload: 5GB
  • File size \ file number limitation to download: It appears to be unlimited (but not mentioned in the site)
  • Hosting duration for each file: The files are kept forever as long as they are being downloaded.

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They have a very light, simple and user friendly home page. So easy.

  • Sign up is needed: No
  • Options: After uploading your file you will receive 4 text fields including download link, file delete link, download link in HTML format and download link in forum code.
  • Maximum space to upload: 100 MB
  • Period of file expiration: Your file will be deleted after 30days.

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24. Rapidshare


One of the most famous file hosting services that many users use it. But as you see in our varied list, today there are many more interesting file hosting on the web.

  • Sign up is needed: No
  • Options: It is much simple to work by Rapidshare! First you browse for your file and then an upload button appears. then you press this button and receive a download link and a delete link.
  • Maximum file size to upload: 100 MB
  • Download restriction: your files just can be downloaded for 10 times.
  • Period of file expiration: 90 days inactivity
  • More about this online service: Rapidshare has provided some tools including Rapidshare manager, Rapidshare uploader, and Rapid share checker (this would be helpful to check a link in Rapidshare and find out if your file is removed)

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25. Turbo Upload


This would be last website listed here.

  • Sign up is needed: No
  • Description: After selecting a file to upload you can set a password and also a description for it then you will receive two links including a download link and a delete link. You can not upload these file types: .exe, .php, .sh, .bat, .cgi, .pl
  • Maximum space to upload: You can upload 10 files at 100MB each.
  • More about this online service:
  • You can also upload URL via this online service.
  • 5GB RAID Protected Account Storage
  • Up to 10mbps Download Speeds
  • URL Uploads !!
  • Blazing Unlimited Upload Speeds
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Password Protection
  • Image Galleries
  • File Folder

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