JQuery Tutorial 01 – Definition and Usage for Beginners

Jquery Tutorial - Basics

What is This Jquery Tutorial about?

This Jquery tutorial is all about the basic information you need to understand Jquery. Jquery can be described in different ways like if you want to manipulate an HTML page easily, then Jquery is your best option. Jquery helps you to create animations on your page and it makes your page so light by allowing an information to expand without reloading the page (A suitable example is Gmail). You can communicate the server easily and other things like this, but before understanding what you can do with Jquery, you need to know what is Jquery. Let’s talk about Jquery by describing it with some simple examples.

What is Jquery

Before starting, I want to say that if you are new to coding, then you must learn HTML and CSS first. If you have an intermediate level of HTML and CSS, then you should carry to read this article.

For web-based applications, Jquery makes javascript easy to use. Actually, Jquery is the javascript based library, but in Javascript, you need to write too many codes and Jquery does more in less code writing. The simplicity makes it fast and easier than javascript and because of this easiness and fast implementation, Jquery is used by top developers. You can see this by visiting top 10000 websites from Alexa. When I said that Jquery makes things much easy, then it means that you can perform complex tasks with fewer efforts. For example, you can make animations on pages, manipulate HTML, make an easy to use API for XML and javascript applications. When it comes to compatibility, Jquery is compatible with every popular browser like Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.

How to Use Jquery

Like many other libraries, you need to learn Jquery libraries to work with it. Jquery uses the $ variable as a shortcut. It means that Jquery = $ in libraries. It means that if you want to write “windows.jquery” then it will be written as “windows.$”. We use $ for Jquery because as the variable, “Jquery” is not a preferable name, so we use $ instead of Jquery. We will learn more about Jquery in our 2nd tutorial.

Installation or Setup of Jquery

Installation or setup of Jquery is not a complicated process, it is easier than you think. In your HTML file, you just need to insert the library of Jquery and you can now work with Jquery. Isn’t it pretty simple? How to do it – there are some points for that.

Download Jquery library – You just need to download compressed (for production purpose ) or uncompressed (for developing machine or PC) Jquery library from Here. After that, you need to place it in the same directory where your code files are placed in development machine. Now just insert this code and you are done. 

        <title>jQuery Library</title>
        <script type=“text/javascript” src=“jquery-1.10.2.js”></script>
 Setup Through CDN Networks – Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an easy way to setup your Jquery into the code. There are different pre-built Jquery libraries and you just need to insert the URL of one of those libraries. For example, for Google, Jquery and Microsoft CDN, we use these URLs respectively.
Now, for Microsoft, you just need to insert this code in your HTML, and you are done.
<title>jQuery Library from Microsoft CDN</title>
<script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script>

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