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Looking for a complete WordPress video plugin free download which best covers your needs to present any video? Looking for many plugins around in the library you will see that there are many but most of them lack something you’re looking for. Some support only Youtube, although many sources prefer to use Vimeo instead. Some don’t support responsive design, although it’s now a must for the world in motion. Some feature all but come at a fee.


TubePress has great feature and its basic version is free, but still rich in features.


TubePress is an absolute leader in this category, since it delivers features that most other players offer only for a fee. YouTube users can have easy access to their favourites, and everyone can watch YouTube playlists using TubePress. Additionally, it can make your website show videos related to the search term users enter., as well as other user-oriented features YouTube normally offers. Vimeo functionality is also broad, with support for likes, video albums and groups. This free video plugin also adds convenience to your WordPress website: it can be normally page-embedded, or run videos from thumbnails in a HTML popup, on the original YouTube or Vimeo page, or simply in a new window.

Power of Thumbnail

WordPress sites often do not have much space for excess contents, and it is always good to enable only needed information. Thumbnails can be adjusted t use any combination of video related information. You can set how many thumbnails can be shown per a page and their layout.


TubePress free video plugin supports all common browsers, and offers perfect playback on nearly all mobile devices. A good ability is “fluid thumbnail” which responds to any browser window size and screen resolution, but the best is Interactive search – visitors can surf YouTube and Vimeo while on your website!

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Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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