Quick Ways To Improve Any Blog Post

One of the most common issues faced by the bloggers is “competition” which keeps on increasing and rising with every passing day. Most of the bloggers try to enhance the quality of their blog but fail to remember a few key points which can actually improve its quality and attract more numbers of regular readers of their blog. The more the subscription of a blog is’ the higher will be its ranking. Few points which can be a magnet for people to be the regular readers of your blog which are as follows:

Add an excellent image

Add an attractive image to the top of the blog. If the blog is a longer one, add images in between the paragraphs also which grab hold of reader’s eye. The image must be in some way inter-linked to the topic of your blog or else it may seem an out of place item in your blog. You can also add up images on the side and do not forget to mention the names of the photographers or the artists.


Explain the value of reading your blog

A new reader to your blog will need some convincing points to revisit your blog. You should have to explain the reader why should he come back and read it again. Make it clear to the reader that it is worth coming here over and over again. Explain the reader about the benefits he is going to get if he revisits the blog. The points may be explained by adding a couple of catchy lines or in some other way so that in the end the reader does not leave with the feeling of having his time being wasted.


Format the longer blog

No matter how good you write, longer blogs appear boring to the readers mostly. To avoid this, a blog should be made in multiple paragraphs and as already mentioned to make it appealing, add images in between the paragraphs. Moreover, you can add bullets and points in the blog. Highlight your best lines or write them in bold text. Add sub headings to the paragraphs and make your blog easy to understand.


Make your introduction heart-catching

The first paragraph of your blog is the most important one and above that, the first few lines should be such that they persuade the reader to hang on and read the rest of the blog too. The first couple of sentences must take hold of the reader’s attention even if you do not get time for much editing. Make the title of your blog captivating and beguiling which does not allow the reader to leave that page.


Check your call to action

Call to action means what you ask/request the reader at the end of your blog. For example, if you ask your reader to share it on social media, may be on Facebook. You ask him to share it with his friends to enhance the traffic of your blog or you request him to leave a comment about the blog in the end. If you ensure the mentioned points, you can have a heavy traffic on your blog and make it ranked on top.


Written by Mohsen


Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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