Remarkable JQuery Images Plugins and Tutorials

What is JQuery?:

According to Wikipedia, JQuery is a cross-browser Java script library designed to simply the client-side scripting of HTML. JQuery is the most popular java script library in use today. On the websites, JQuery is being used on a large scale. Many developers are dedicated to this and are working on expanding these galleries for the benefit of the users.

Below is the list of some breath-taking plugins and tutorials of JQuery.

Supersized-Background JQuery Plugin:

Supersized is the first plugin that is full screen image and looks amazing. It is simple to use. Its transition special effects are fascinating. The best thing about Supersized is that it gives the impression of being a desktop application.

Supersized-Background JQuery_1

Demo of Supersized-Background JQuery Plugin


Gallerific JQuery Plugin:

This stylish plugin is simple and great to use. It is feature rich, fast and an awesome plugin. This plugin has a slideshow gallery. Its configuration is quite flexible. It offers support for image captions, bookmark-friendly URLs per page as well as support for numerous galleries per page.  Once the page is loaded, its smart image is preloaded.

Gallerific JQuery Plugin_2

Demo of Gallerific JQuery Plugin


Creating a JQuery Image Scroller:

In this tutorial, you will be building an image scroller, utilizing JQuery superb animation features. Most of the time, you will be having fun with the scroller.  This scroller is different from the others. The scroller will be independent and would start scrolling after the page download is complete.

Creating a JQuery Image Scroller_3

Demo of Creating a JQuery Image Scroller


Sliding Boxes and Description with JQuery Tutorial:

It gives a very nice effect. Every sliding box animation works on the same central idea. For this kind of animation, a div tag functions as a window where two other items of your choice “peek” through.

Sliding Boxes and Description with JQuery Tutorial_4

Demo of Sliding Boxes and Description with JQuery Tutorial


Resizable Image Grid with JQuery:

Resizable image grids are amazingly simple to implement on the web.
Resizable Image Grid with JQuery

Demo of Resizable Image Grid with JQuery


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