Some Essential Retouching Photoshop Tricks

Mostly the designers love to use Adobe Photoshop to design different logos and graphics for their online campaigns, banners, ads, web pages, etc. Also, photographers are bound to use this application for the purpose to delight the photos they have made. Nothing compares this application especially when you are talking about tweaks. For example, let’s talk about the photo retouching that we use for many reasons to make captured pictures so attractive. Designers and graphics developers are well aware of Photoshop software, but the features for photo retouching is so versatile that not everybody can know all of the tips at a time. I am trying here to mention top 5 photoshop tricks and tips which are essential for photo retouching in Photoshop.

Photoshop Tricks

Let’s Play the Photo Retouching With These Photoshop Tricks

There are many effects and tips that you can use for photo retouching, but the variety differs from designer to designer. I am just helping through sharing my experience and the tools that I think are handy.

Mid-tone Contrast Contrasts

Control + J command is the short key for this feature. Mid-tone contrast majorly used to increase the details in your landscape. To apply the exact setting for this feature, you have to press command + J key and then click on the Filter and then convert for small filters in the menu. After that, you have to enter the radius of 3 pixels by going to filter and then high pass. Change the “blending mode” to “overlay”, and open layer style. These simple settings are through the sliders at this point. By varying the slider, you will see the changing no. and finally, you can select which suits you.

Natural Lights

The natural light is always a cause of the attractive picture. At your shots, there can be different areas where you can simply increase the impact of sunlight to charm up your masterpiece. What you just do is to separate the layers and then increase the light of the areas where you want or if there are shadowy places, you can throw some lights to make it natural. Create a new layer by pressing Shift + Control + N and set the opacity about 15% and blending color to “Color Dodge”. Now press Alt key to select those areas which you want to brighten. Now just continue to brush that area until you like the photo.


This one is a common one but also an interesting one. Now to do so, use the polygon Lasso tool to select the area around the mouth. Now go to select, then modify and enter the radius of 10 pixels. Create a new layer (as I described above) and then click on edit, then puppet wrap. This way there will be a mesh on the mouth. In the options bar, select the value for the mesh. Now, increase the density to the more points which will make a precise value. Press the control + H key to vanish the mesh and just set the points to make a great smile.

Skin Color

When applying for different retouching effects, the skin may not seem quite perfect. The reason for this is the general hue and you can simply control it by going to the adjustment layer and then go to hue or saturation. Click the miniature mask and press Control + I to invert the mask. To treat the different areas over the skin, you need to use paint and select white color and a soft brush. Similarly, the different adjustment points here will help you to control redness and sky tone of the skin.

Sepia Look

Sepia look is one of the favorite retouching tips that makes an awesome classic image. This effect makes a black and white image with this classic sepia touch. The procedure is simple as always. Click on the layer and then click on the adjustment layer. In photo filter, there is a sepia filter, select that and set the density of 100%. To select the layer style options, double click on the layer and you have the blending options. At the bottom, move the white slider by holding the Alt key and this will create a transition between both adjusted and unadjusted areas.

Written by Thomas Tucker

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