Top 10 Web Designing Tools Part-2

6-Xara Web Designer Premium

This is a cool web designing utility that provides many functions of web development for professionals as well as non professionals. This handy tool has grown its importance in very short time due to enhance functionality and ease of use. This tool is on its way to top of web developing tool category. This is designed by Magix Corporation which has good reputation for putting out nice multimedia and internet related applications. This application is an ultimate choice for intermediate and advance level of web professional. This application provides the facility to produce virtually any kind of website. You can put together professional looking web experience with high end graphics experience and user friendly navigation options. Xara web designer has even more advance level issues covered in its premium pack.

7-Web Page Maker

Web page maker is another easy to use tool becoming popular in web designing market. This is a unique tool providing convenience in drag and drop functionality, advance graphics and imaging tools and page transition effect options. This tool is a flexible way of designing high ranking websites both by beginners and professional web designers. The only issue with this tool is limited number of templates. That some times becomes hurdle in designing generic website for advance features. but this lacking is very nicely covered by providing surprising amount of advance level features such as built in java Script and HTML editor. The built in editor is sharp in developing source code with mature level of accuracy. Moreover the software supports many multimedia formats including flash, audio and video files. You can create more than 20 page transition effects with this tool.


8-Site Spinner

This is an amazing tool to design websites of latest trends. This tool seems more likely utility software than a web designing application. Site spinner can be a good option for beginners and those who want to design basic level websites. This utility provides the excellent ease in designing basic web pages with automatic settlement of coloring effect and text formatting. The software includes a good variety of graphics and imaging tools. This utility provides a good level of online help sources that is really beneficial for learners and beginners. So I a way, Site Spinner can attract the attraction of customers those are concerned with web design learning and finding the most appropriate online help for certain topics.


9-AdobeĀ® Dreamweaver

This is another advance suit designed for professional web developers. This is a handy tool that empowers the web designers to develop standard based websites with a matter of ease and reliability. The professional developers can design visually or directly the source code. There is a main feature know as content management systems that is made part of this application. The content management system provides the ease in automatically manage the content placement on WebPages. Then the system tests the accurate browser compatibility and suggests if any changes required.


10-Intuit Website Creator

This utility has won some awards due to some advance level tools added in latest version of this application. This is a good application that decreases the learning time for web designing. This has adopted an innovative way by dividing the whole designing process into three easy steps. Its user friendly interface makes it even easier for all web designers to built high level websites in short time.


Written by Mohsen


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