Top 15 Web Development Tools Part-1

Web development is made easy by many companies after releasing many multi featured tools around the globe. There is a variety of tools available when it comes to developing, monitoring and evaluating the WebPages. Here is a detail of 15 most reliable tools used for web development.

1-Web Developer Toolbar

As the name tells, this tool adds a toolbar and a menu in the browser. This tool is specially designed for Firefox users who want to directly access CSS and accessibility option remaining on the browser. This is an essential tool for testing certain WebPages.



This is an easy to use tool that provides the options to view inspect and edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript Live on any webpage. It has a built in package that provides the ease of debugging a large number of potential programs.web developers always focus on tools that provide debugging facility. The debugging function has increased its popularity in web development market. This is an extension to the Firefox browser and is an obligatory tool to any web developer.



YsLow is a plug inn which is integrated with the Firebug web extension in Firefox browser. Its main and most important function is to reduce the number of HTTP requests needed to render a page. Its main functions include displaying the statistical report after analyzing the webpage components. On the bases of its analysis, it suggests the options to improve the performance of webpage in terms of request process and rendering the webpage.


4-Web Accessibility Toolbar

This is a toolbar that is visible in internet explorer after installation. Its main functions include performing accessibility tests like CSS and HTML validation, color statistics, structure analysis for HTML and CSS and many render related issues. This is a solid tool for web developers for easily knowing the statics of web page performance.



Colorzilla has become a prominent web development tool due to its advanced capabilities of color analysis for all kinds of WebPages. This is an amazing tool for fast and effective color analysis of WebPages. This is a Firefox extension and it reads the color scheme of every WebPages. Moreover it is powerful enough to paste the same color scheme on any image editing program. This is a must have tool for those web developers that include rich graphics and animations in their WebPages.




Fangs is also an extension of Firefox web browser. This is a crucial tool for screen reader users. This tool converts the webpage into simple text so that screen readers can easily go through the contents of the webpage. Moreover this tool has some advance level functions that include listing of headings and links available on the webpage. This way screen readers can easily find out if any accessibility issues are there on the webpage.


7-IE Tester

This is a free package that includes all version of internet explorer (from 5.5-8). Now it is easy to see the ease of website viewing with most effective version of internet explorer. All you have to do is try the web address on multiple versions and see which one gives the best viewing experience.


Written by Mohsen


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