Top 20 Benefits of Using CSS for your Websites (Part-1)

The website designers are using many techniques to give a unique look to websites. There are many good quality tools available to develop interesting websites. The CSS is the tool that has gathered attention of many web developers. There are several reasons why many developers have adopted CSS as ultimate tool for web development. It offers a flexible level of designing that is rarely found in other tools. Following are top 20 reasons that make the CSS superior than others.

1-Google and other search engine benefits

The contents available at the top of the WebPages are proffered by every search engine. So is really necessary that you structure the contents what is desired to be appeared first with the rest of the code following it. This can be done easily with the help of CSS. This is a good benefit provided by CSS to make the webpage available on initial pages of search results.

2-Fast Webpage loading speed

The CSS provides the facility to contain the whole style of webpage in single style sheet. This becomes beneficial for faster loading of WebPages in search results. If the pages are designed in table format, the search engine spider crawls through each webpage. This slows down the search process. So a good benefit of CSS is to enhance the loading speed of a webpage.

3-Seperate contents from presentation.

One huge benefit to use CSS in webpage designing is the ease of changing contents. External style sheet may contain all the styles of website. You will have to change only one style sheet if you need to change the contents of a webpage. Suppose your website consists of a thousand WebPages, and you have to edit every webpage linked. This will require large amount of time and skills. CSS provides the best solution to overcome such issues.

4-Smaller File size

images size

Table based WebPages have large file size. That causes slow page loading speed. The WebPages designed in CSS always have smaller size as compared to other tools. Ultimate benefit for this is faster loading speed and easy dataflow.

5-Eliminate Java Script

Most people have become conscious to avoid being vulnerable to viruses. Moreover they focus on pop-up blocking. This results the blocking of java scripts. The CSS provides the facility to produce same java script effects that will be loaded with the same scheme. So user will not have to enable java script and they can have a user friendly experience similar to java script.

6-Reduce clutter

Reduce clutter

The HTML codes become extra lengthy some times. There remains a possibility that the editing and upgrades are less easy in HTML. CSS provides the facility to produce an easy and short source code that you can edit easily whenever a change is required.


accessible of site

The CSS provides felixible approach for multiple devices. There are several options in CSS to design WebPages that are easily accessible through many advance level devices like Braille, speech synthesizers and text telephony etc. so this increases the accessibility options for WebPages in CSS.

8-Less time consumption

Less time consumption

CSS facilitates you to design your desired WebPages in short time and in fast manners. The pre defined styles provide the facility to instantly choose the website design and proceed faster to get desired outcome within minutes.


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