Top 20 Tips and Tricks of Word press Blogs Part1

There are several tips that can improve your blogging experience. The tips include enhancement in money earning and increasing traffic on your blogs. Also there exist many tips for setting up and managing your blogs. Below are top 20 tricks and trips for your amazing blogging experience.

1-Adding JavaScript to WordPress Posts

This is a good way to increase interaction with visitors. To add JavaScript in WordPress posts you need to set the call for java script with java script itself. JavaScript will work fine in the post if you know where exactly to add the code. This is helpful for those who do not use PHP.


2-Sell private ads and sponsorships

If you focus on selling private ads or sponsorship on WordPress blogs, it is really a great idea to earn extra money. You must focus on appealing to ad sales with companies that offer similar products that go along with the contents of your blogs.


3-WordPress Security Tips

It is very important that you keep your website secure from attacks and potential hackers. The security tips include not using the word admin as your user name, installing the login lockdown plug-in, using secret keys by changing the default ones in wp-config.php and making a strong and secure password.


4-WordPress Themes

If someone claims to provide the complete range of themes does not mean this is all you can get for WordPress themes. There is a variety of themes available. Moreover there are several tools available that help you to design custom themes right according to the purpose of your WordPress blogs. So concentrating on most appropriate theme should be an integral part of your blogging process.


5-Social media integration

If you integrate your blog with social communities, it will be a great experience that will enhance the chances of increased traffic on your blog. It can bring more followers to your blog. This is very important for starting a new blog. Making people aware of the existence for your blog is the first thing. So integration with social communities should have a good space in blogging process.


6-Adding Upload folder to WordPress

The WordPress administration should be well organized for smooth blogging experience. This can be done by adding an upload folder to WordPress. There you can store multiple themes and fonts to bring continuous change in looks and visibility of your blogs.


7-Easy Installation

It is a good idea to use fast and instant installation. Using WordPress tutorial, you can start the usage of WordPress in only 5 minutes. It is extremely necessary to get started immediately if you need to publish contents or uploading graphics, videos and other media on your online store.


8-WordPress Hosting

The hosting is definitely a part of top tricks for WordPress. The WordPress hosting is now available with many top level web hosting services. Definitely choosing the best among them will give the best blogging experience.


9-Search Engine Optimization

This tip is having its unique importance in WordPress blogs. This is quite obvious that optimizing the blog with main search engines. This is important when you need to gather more followers on you blog.


10-Adding WordPress Video theme

Adding the WordPress video theme will simply spice up the looks of your blog. Visitors will stay for longer, and it will add a new perspective to your regular contents and more visitors can be attracted.


Written by Mohsen


Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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