Top 20 Tips and Tricks of Word press Blogs Part2

11-Building a featured Post Section

You can enhance the interest level of visitors by adding a featured post section on the main page of WordPress blogs. This section can be decorated by adding “latest post” as well as upcoming codifications for the certain events.


12-Offering More subscription Options

One way to attract the attention of visitors is giving the multiple options to join your blog. This can be done by giving them rights to login with their Facebook, Google account or even allowing them to fill subscription form and other possible options. This trick is an important one in terms of providing ease in joining. Another good option is providing the RSS feed options. More visitors are interested these days in subscribing to all blog updates through RSS feeds.


13-Manage your feeds with Feed Burner

Feed Burner is a good tool to track the number of visitors, monitor click through rates and track the readership on blogs. This is a free yet powerful utility that helps you to manage and monitor the traffic on the blog.


14-Allow users to submit blog posts

This is a good step that you can take to increase the liking of visitors. When a visitor feels free to submit blog posts in easy steps and without getting registered, there are higher chances that he/she can like the blog more and get registered later. This can be done by using some plug-ins that adds customizable forms to the blog pages that allows non registered users and subscribers to submit the posts.


15- Using WordPress Exploit Scanner

The WordPress exploit scanner is a utility that searches the links of your blog for unknown strings. That helps you to figure out the misuse of the blogs from hackers etc. this is proven a good plug-in to avoid the hackers and future misuses of your blog pages.


16-Notify Users VIA IM

One way to keep the users loyal to your blog is increasing the communication means between your blog posts and users. This can be done my notifying them through instant messaging. For this purpose, there exists a plug-in with the name of Nitifixious. This is a good plug-in that allows you to send the notification on their Instant Messaging (AIM, MSN, GTalk, ICQ etc)


17-Create an Auto Completing search field

this is a beneficial aspect if you provide your visitors the help for finding what they are searching for. This can be done by using a good auto-completing capability on you blog. For this you have to use tags as a list of keyword to suggest to the readers. There are several ways to do this and best among them is creating an Ajax based auto completing search field.


18-Emergency Password reset

The password reset facility is the good technique to provide ease in managing their accounts.  This helps users to reset and generate the new passwords if they forget their previous passwords. The coding consists of sending a newly generating password on the email address associated with their account information.


19-Adding Author Bios on every blog post entry

Some blogs are multi authored, so adding information about authors at the bottom of their certain posts is a good way to provide information to users.


20-Display Recent Post from Specific category

Describing the category of each post organizes the new posts. This way users will feel ease in going straight to the posts they are interested into.


Written by Mohsen


Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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