Top 5 Social Media Plugins to Inspire the Web

If you are a blogger or an online business marketer, the strength of your knowledge should totally base on the promotional tactics that you use for the digital marketing. Social media marketing is one of the compelling ways to promote your business or blogs. The world is changing, and the change is totally social. Whoever want to be the part of it, can join the community of wise digital business promoters. Well, the introduction is only to inspire if you are the reader who is just at the initial steps of the marketing. The competition is crucial, but you can even beat the masters with your techniques and skills. There are a lot of ways to grab the competitor from the back, but intelligence is, you should take the advantage of the momentum of your competitor. So, here is the art of online marketing with beauty through some social media plugins to charm your way of writing and promotion.

5 Social Media Plugins

I have mentioned above that the social media marketing is one of the best ways for digital marketing, and there are a lot of agencies in the world who just work in this field. You can imagine the competition, and that’s the reason you need to have a firm knowledge on that. In this short article, I can only describe some of the social media marketing plugins, but you can always add other plugins into your list after you absorb the knowledge of this article.

Social media plugins

Ultimate Social Deux

When we talk about the sexy plugin, well, here we are. Ultimate Social Deux is my favorite plugin for social sharing, and it is not free. You have to buy this social media plugin for 15$ from Codecanyon. The love is because it has a lot of features to describe and some of them are

  • It has many styles of skins
  • The fans counter
  • More than 20 social buttons
  • Different placement options
  • It is in various languages

Floating social media sharing plugin

This plugin is still the best choice for many of the bloggers to share their knowledge with the world. Floating social media sharing plugin provides you the way to add social media buttons to the PC and mobile. The floating feature is the cause of many new social media fans and Floating social media sharing plugin nailed it. Also, this plugin counts the number of fans, and you can use any social media button on the blog.

Jetpack sharing

The recommended plugin for social media sharing from WordPress is Jetpack sharing, and there is no doubt that it is reliable as well as it is with multiple options. This plugin is not just for the social media sharing, but it also has some of the great tools for your management and promotion. That makes it one of the most popular plugin. What you just need to do is to enable the sharing option and add social sharing buttons to start the function.

Digg Digg

Another popular social media sharing plugin for WordPress that provides an easy and reliable way to integrate the social media buttons to your blogs. The most useful feature of this plugin is that it does not affect the loading of pages which called the “Lazy Landing.” Also, you can add the floating feature while you configure this plugin. The one thing that adds the negative impact about this plugin is the non-responsive behavior of this plugin with the Jetpack plugin and its options.

Share Buttons by AddToAny

AddToAny share button is one of the advanced plugins for social media sharing. There are a lot of flexibility and customizable features that you can use to configure according to your needs. There are many placement options and many kinds of social buttons that ultimately add up to a great and advanced plugin for your social media promotions.


Written by Thomas Tucker

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