Top PC Applications For Freelancers

When you deal with freelancing you need to implement strategies in such a way that reduces work load by good management, increases productivity and keep you relaxed. The main thing required to be successful in this field is to follow top PC applications for freelancers that decreases your load. There are different applications for freelancer but one has to choose the required application according to the nature of their work. Top PC applications for freelancers are as follows.

Time Tracking Tool

Time tracking tool is the most important thing needed to manage your tasks and to get the better results for you work by doing work in time. Toggl is an application free of cost that helps to manage your time and increases you efficiency. 26

File Sharing and Sync Tool

Being a freelancer, you need to share your files frequently and while doing all that you might have to switch between computers. So to deal with situation the suitable application is Dropbox that can handle both functions at a time. Dropbox is an application that helps you to manage your files online. If you upload and send a link to other users they can also see that data anywhere on their PC if they have Dropbox application in it.


Real Time Updates

Real Time updates are necessary to deal with social life management. For this Tweetdeck is special application that keeps you updated about all social networks like Facebook,Twitter.


Alternative to Office

Everyone cannot afford certain softwares, so to overcome this situation Openoffice is a great application that is free of cost and you can even edit files in it.


Personal Time Tracking

Personal Time tracking can be managed with the help of an application named Klok that costs $15.99.


Email Management

One of the main problems faced by the freelancers is the email management. However, they will be able to handle this situation with the help of a powerful free application like Mozilla Thunderbird that is free of cost . 31


Communication is essential for freelancing. Freelancers have to communicate on the go. Skype is an application that is needed to have communication. Through this application you can send a quick text message. You can have a chat or a video call with anyone and can get any information through it.


Photo Editing, PDF Reader

Freelancers need different applications like PDF reader, photo editor, quick HTML/CSS editor.To handle this Adobe Creative Suit is an application that can handle photo editing (Photoshop), a PFD reader (Adobe Reader) and many more.


A Free Antivirus

As a freelancer you need to protect your data from different viruses so that it can be kept forever for further use.For protection Avast anti-Virus is available that helps to protect you data from Virus.


Note Taking Application

Freelancers cannot take all notes on pages. They need to have software that helps them to manage their notes and make them protected. To handle this Evernote is a superb free application to take and manage notes.


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