Top SEO Twitter Tips For Better Search Ranking

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. More people will be attracted towards that website whose search engine is more users friendly. Basically, by constructing your site SEO, you are growing your users. Therefore, SEO plays very important role to enhance your service and increase your users. To put Twitter on better search ranking top five SEO tips to be followed are:

Use Your Real Name Wisely

The most essential thing that you can set on your Twitter profile is your Twitter “Real Name”. In your Twitter profile and your individual Tweet pages, your real name can be seen in the title tag. It is greatly searchable and it will be shown in Google’s link.
It is clear from this that your real name should be pertinent to you, a keyword should be used that people are in seek of, and that people are likely to click. It’s not necessary that your Twitter real name should be your actual name. It can be anything as long as 20 characters limit prescribed by Twitter.


Utilize Your Username Effectively

Twitter username is another vital content that is shown in Twitter’s profile page and in your individual tweet pages. Like real name, username can also be anything as long as 15 characters limit prescribed by Twitter.
Such keyword should be used as a username that will capture the attention of most of the people searching for related keywords. Some quick Google searches for keywords associated with your site can expose ranking of Twitter handles that can lead to your success.


Invest in Your Bio

Whether you develop your account for business purpose or any other purpose, create your Twitter Bio in such a way that you attract the people you wanted to and they follow you by reading your bio.
You need to describe yourself precisely so that people can follow you by knowing you properly. While writing bio, don’t write anything irrelevant in it. Don’t use jargons and do not write anything in bio that has nothing to do with you.


Be Smart – Link in Style

Your Twitter profile needs to have lots of links on it. Use strong keywords so that your profile can easily be linked everywhere.
Your Twitter profile is associated to your site while it is monitored on a different domain that develops the level of trust and ultimately makes your link more valuable.
It can encourage others to link to your Twitter’s profile, such as including it in an author byline when you do guest blogging that will help to enhance the amount of authority it gets from different search engines.


Keep Your Tweets Focused

It’s interesting to have tweets but you need to be focused and frequently publish those tweets that are captivating, on topic and rich in words.
In Google’s eyes, your Twitter profile should be precise and defined properly so that it can be ranked well. So you should design your tweets in such a focused way that it can get maximum links and maximum followers, to have good ranking for Twitter page.


Written by Mohsen


Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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