Tremendous Tools to Develop Useful Android Applications

Application development especially Android Development application is the advancement of the 21st century and it has become a tool for companies to viral their product. When we talk about the internet tools or applications, one should keep clear the attic room of their brains that we are talking about business. When I talk that applications are tools, then I mean to say that beneficial tools, not just a necessity. So, to get the advantage of this thought, a program or an application developer should brace themselves with the advanced tools which may help them to convert their outstanding ideas into an attractive and useful application for the business.

Considering the Tools for Android Application Development

Many may ask, what tools and why if you have Google tools for Android application development? The answer to these question is simple enough. The third party companies which are providing different software as a competitor of Google Android Studio, are aware of the fact that there should be something attractive in their software so that they can build the trust to sell their software. That’s the reason some companies focus on the graphics for the android development and some focus on the user-friendly programming interface. Whatever they do, you should be aware of maximum useful android tools to get resourceful.

Top Android Application Development Tools

Following are some great and well known and advanced tool that every android developer should know and have in their toolkit.


Before finalizing the android application, every developer needs to remove as many bugs as he can because bugs cause the application to run slow. That’s where Genymotion comes and helps as a virtual device to test the applications before finalizing those. This application works great with android studio and works for many android APIs. So, try it for sure.

AppIconSizes is a great website and is an online tool for every developer when they need to convert the required image files into the different sizes. In the development process, icons and different graphics are needed and is the best solution for that case. It can easily convert every kind of image including portraits and landscapes.

Fluid UI

This is another web-based tool that can help you as an application prototyping tool. Fluid UI tool is a widely used tool for mockups. This tool allows you to create different clickable buttons for the application and similar features.


One of the most appealing and an award-winning tool that is too famous that it can help you build an app that can make a great business for you is This tool helps you to test your android application in every way. Four remarkable testing points with which it can provide you a great help are

  • OTA build distribution – This will help you to transfer your build to your team members over the air.
  • In-App bug reporting – A valuable feature that many of the application do not even control because it is complex. This feature reports you how much and what kind of bugs you have in the application and that simply allow you to fix them.
  • Team Management – From a single dashboard, all the activities of you team can be handled.
  • Bug Tracking Support – The feature of bug tracking gets double importance when you will get the complete support about that.

Written by Thomas Tucker

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