Web Hosting For Business Options Comparison

Choosing the best hosting provider is not an easy task. There are thousands of providers worldwide which can offer their services to anyone on the planet. However, even this highly competitive market has leader companies preferred by most people in need of running websites.

  1. HostGator


HostGator is among the top 3 providers for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers. Known for its flexible resource management policy which gives all users unlimited disk space and bandwidth even in the cheapest plans. This doesn’t mean that for several dollars a month one can start a video streaming service, but it’s convenient for most small company websites, blogs, webzines and online stores. Pricing is between around $4 to around $12 on a monthly basis, depending on the plan and contract length. HostGator accepts all major payment cards as well as Paypal and bank wire. T osee plans and other details, visit

  1. GoDaddy


Another large provider, whose main advantages are strong website builder tools and free restore of backup files in case your website gets hacked or compromised any other way. GoDaddy is very convenient for beginners and those in businesses not primarily based on Web. Bandwidth is unlimited, but there is a 100Gb storage limit in the cheapest plan. Pricing starts at around $5 to around $12 monthly, but there are often great discounts. Can be paid done by most international payment cards, paypal, skrill, bank wire and regional electronic payment options. Wide variety of currencies accepted.

  1. Bluehost

    probably the best business web hosting. Comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth and convenient e-commerce and wordpress templates. Monthly costs are from cca $6 to cca $20, with disadvantage that it accepts only credit cards and Paypal, no prepaid cards and wire transfer options available.

All three providers normally feature support for all common Web development environment and highly professional customer support.

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Mohsen is a Web/Wordpress designer and a blogger. He currently designs WordPress themes, writes for Webanthology, and studying computer. Follow him on twitter

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