Why All Freelancers Really Need A LinkedIn Profile

Be a part of social media and participate in your you social media activities is very important in your freelancing business as almost all of the people or you can say 90% of them locate freelancers online through social media networks. If you are not using LinkedIn then you might be missing a great opportunity to build the market of your freelancing business. LinkedIn is one of the very strong social media partners and in the past few years, LinkedIn added some really great tools to their network which made the work of freelancers much easier. It allows your work skills to be introduced to the whole online world through a proper platform. It also benefits with catching up new clients and staying in contact with the older ones. Here are few of the important strategies to make your freelancing career shine through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile

Make a professional profile; add a photo and a bio to that. The profile photo should be vital, nice and most importantly professional looking. Then add a little keywords to your bio which would make it easier to locate you or to know about your business profile. Your key words may include blogger, writer, freelancer, copywriter etc but do not include all of these words at once to make it look silly and this will discourage your clients. The more professional and formal your profile is, the more it will catch the attention of serious clients.

Add Links

In your Linkedin profile, add links and reference to your previous work. This will give the clients a way to go through your work and to know more about yourself professionally. They will also come to know about the quality and type of your work.


Features of Linkedin

Linkedin allows you to fill up your complete professional profile and gives you many great features to locate and find clients of your own type. You can take advantage of these to outshine yourself and market it as a freelancer.


Expertise + Skills

This allows the addition of some keywords to your profile that will help locate you easily for a specific purpose of business for example a blogger or freelancer. This also has a special tool that allows the audience to question you about your expertise. If you are interested in working with specific companies, Linkedin provides the way to interact or connect with them easily. Linkedin has got a very huge number of different groups related to different type of business. So this makes a very easy way for you to enter this group and meet your clients. Linkedin provides a great network for jobs and it keeps your job bank filled all the time.


Regular updates

You must keep updating your status and profile regularly and time-to-time to maintain your Linkedin profile and to give your clients and audience an idea that you are a regular in your work. Linkedin also provides an in-mail system for mails and contact but if you are not using this, you should provide other contact information of your work and contact so that it makes it easily to stay in touch with your clients and work group.


Written by Mohsen


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