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WordPress is a software that allows you to make and maintain websites, bogs, etc. without any payment and hassles. It is free to download, easy to install and comfortable to use. WordPress has innumerable features. Slider WordPress plugin is a plugin which is a part of WordPress and enables a person to make slides within seconds using any existing wordpress content such as posts, custom posts, pages, etc with a number of effects and transitions that make you work look dynamic and attractive which keeps the viewers engrossed in your website. It’s compatible and easy for both, casual users as well as developers. Some of the best wordpress slider plugins are:

Meta Slider

  • This slider has innumerable transition effects to choose from to make your slides look professional and dynamic.
  • It allows cropping of images.
  • Titles, captions and hyperlinks can be added to the image easily.
  • Endless and uncountable images can be added. No restrictions.

Free Download Meta Slider

Soliloquy Slider

  • Innumerable sliders can be created. No limitations.
  • Adding, removing and organizing pictures are simple and easy. One just needs to click on the target and without releasing the click, drag the target to the desired place and leave it.
  • Sliders can be easily added to the users page or post
  • It is compatibility, swiftness and simplicity makes it the most loved plugin.

 Free Download Soliloquy Slider

Easy WordPress Parallax Slider

  • This plugin has innumerable fonts to choose from.
  • Arranging things in order, removing slides or adding slides is easy. You just need to click your target, drag it and then drop it at the desired goal.
  • A number of background themes are available.
  • Every slide has plenty of unique settings like the fonts, transition effects, color, etc.

Download Easy WordPress Parallax Slider

WOW Slider

With the installation of Slider WordPress Plugins, making slides is never a problem and making them look good, interesting and attractive is no more a time consuming job. There are a number of slider plug-ins available online that you can download for free and enjoy adding to your website.

Download Free WordPress WOW Slider

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