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To boost visits to your website it’s not only needed to make it rank better on search engines and let more people find you, but also to make the newcomers get back to it often. WordPress Subscription plugin free download are a must if you want regular visitors on your website.

simpel subscribe

Simple Subscribe is a secure WordPress subscription plugin which simply adds subscription forms to WP websites through widget, shortcode or php code. It is made to be as easy as possible for use by both developers and subscribers. Visitors can subscribe to emails from you, which can feature alerts about news or other content updates, promotions – if you run an online store, new services and other info.

The Simple Subscribe plugin features ReadyGraph – a tool which allows developers for easier userbase management, using features such as one-click subscription and social login options, users’ interaction, automatic email sending and an array of analytic tools to let you track visitors’ activity on the website and their behaviour. Users will also have an option to unsubscribe either on the mail digest or on the website.

Theplugin developer stresses security as forms have both server-side and client-side validation so they call it “virtually bulletproof”.

Website developers can change design of their email digests. Pop-ups with forms can also be customized. On the other hand, subscription forms can be made in a way that does not just collect e-mail addresses, but also names, interests, locations, age… Information for these fields can be used for advanced statistics. Subscriber lists can be exported as .xls, .csv, .xml, .tsv files, using criteria of being active or inactive.

Note that some of advanced ReadyGraph features are only available for a fee, but these are not required, nor is the ReadyGraphaddon. Without it this free WordPredd subscription plugin will have just some basic capabilities.

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